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Time of issue:2011-02-24 16:53:39

FeiGong embroideries studios, located in suzhou, China town lake town, producing and selling high quality Chinese suzhou embroidery, including: double-sided embroidery, single-side embroidery, to intnal, according to the customer request: the detailed design, material, size, price, fine degree, packing and so on, 100% manual embroidery, undertake unit or individual's batch order and foreign trade order. Portraits, hunshazhao, landscape, animal, landscape pattern such as, can make the original material, handmade make out very well only qiao of suzhou embroidery. Portrait embroider, not only can embroider hunshazhao, still can embroider according to the full moon, birthday as children, family, etc., can long as a souvenir, discoloration. Welcome friends to love or operating suzhou embroidery FeiGong embroidery workshop customized!

Suzhou embroideries reveals the Chinese jiangnan water that is exquisite abundance of humanities connotation. Beautiful embroideries have thousands years, embroidery ladies attentively and hand down from generation to generation,  elegant color, variety of acupuncture nested, perfect craft level.....

A picture of good manual embroidery is not only a great family adornment handicraft art is preferred, at the same time with the collection value.



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