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Su zhou embroidery a business gift to make to order

Time of issue:2011-03-22 12:59:42

Su zhou embroidery a business gift to make to order

       The business enterprise makes to order:Su of whole handicraftses embroiders a gift, each is an all the one and only art work, but the handicraft embroider company on the gift sketch or special He phrase, not only make your gift be getting more special, but also maximize the business enterprise value of gift creation.Recreational club building of office, medium upscale hotel and other entertainment areas, the space is big, if putting a large handicraft embroidery decorations can change space tasty, regardless is the large screen of hotel, is still the large mural of exhibition, mightiness of the crafts of traditional cultural breathing in China and elegant delicacy all make her seem to be very refreshing and special.

1, factory or business enterprise image embroidery an article

A lot of companies are big customers or relation customer company celebration ceremony or start practice, want to send a special characteristic business gift but annoyed.
Give presents to namely want to send upscale honourablely, embody own identity, don't hope that the price is too high, more don't hope that everyone can buy again.
You don't defend to choose that Su of factory or business enterprise image that embroider a customer's company embroiders, is a gift to increase to send, it will definitely let your customer or quasi- customer surprised Cha of at the same time, to your with meticulous care prepare to doubly praise highly.For example mansion view, factory area view, transact a view, the image of president of company's shining on to wait can be used as a material and make into to hang of, put, the having of soft Biao is the only characteristic business gift.Is this kind of to embroider an article to then embroider by mounting into soft stalk easy to take and display, can also mount into one side to embroider Be placed to a board room or old total office, business reception the hall is an adornment art exhibition to show business enterprise real strenght.

2, add the company sketch of handicraft embroidery on the gift.

You purchase or make to order of embroider an article top at appointed the position add handicraft to embroider to make of company sketch, and whole embroider an article to merge into an integral whole, is that one is truely nothing else than your business enterprise quantity the body make to order of gift.

3, Su zhou embroidery finished product up another add to embroider He of phrase.

The handicraft embroidery that completely has no difference adds a word, while Su embroider oneself of smooth and neat characteristics, certainly would not produce the slightest don't moderate, completely embody your intention.

4, upscale gift with attach a specialized introduction manual.

The specially made manual that exclusively introduces this gift, including the history of appearance contents, Su zhou embroidery of craft, the value of the gift etc., make your gift be rich with a content more.


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